My graduation reel for Vanarts

Substrata Character:

Modelling, Texture, Lighting, Render, Compositing

Mocap cleaning, edition, Retargeting and Dynamics system

          by Raul Gimenez  / / 

Mocap Acting 

          by David Firth / /

Concept art 

          by Darren Bartley  / / 


Ant Parade:

Modelling, Texture, Lighting, Animation, Render and Compositing

          by Raul Gimenez  / / 

Concept art 

          by Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu  / /


        Old Devil  by Emancipator  / /

This is the first cut of my demo reel. to show in SIGGRAPH. Concept by fightpunch
El primer corte de mi demo reel para mostrar en SiGGRAPH. concept por fightpunch

This is a preview of my demo reel that is coming, just two more week and will be done. Concept by fightpunch

Adelanto de mi demo reel, estara listo en 2 semanas. concept art de fightpunch


Based in the fightpunch ‘s concept art


Basado en el concept art de fightpunch


An advance of my second character. Based in the concept art of my favorite artist right now fightpunch


Un avance de mi segundo personaje, basado en el arte de mi artista conceptual favorito fightpunch